Carolina Nadel Illustrations
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
So, you feel like crap and are not getting along with people.
OK! Things may not seem too great right now, but, they can improve.
Brief interruption: this website does not replace a therapist.
This site is for people (like me) who practice CBT on their own, between appointments.
Every once in a while, I need a refresher. I figure there are others who might benefit from my notes.
Before we begin, one question:
What is your state of mind, right now?

*Are you agitated? crying? shaking with anger? sweating bullets?
Stop Take a break!
Go make yourself feel better in a healthy/safe way and then come back.
Before you will be able to focus and learn how to fight unrealistic, negative thoughts, you need to be in a neutral, calm state. If you are too upset you will not be able to concentrate.
How can you calm yourself?
You probably know what works best for you, but if you need some ideas click here.
*Do you feel okay?
Great! Let's find out about CBT.

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