What to do when you feel like crap and you're not getting along with anyone...

*Otherwise known as "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy" for kids 8 to 108
What is that?
Who is it good for?
Why did I make this site?
What are you feeling?
Anger? Anxiety? Depression? All of the above?
Kindergarten kind of question, you say? Well, don't laugh -- it isn't always so easy to figure out.
Take our little quiz...

Your Brain
What's going on in there? (Briefly)
Even more briefly for some of you!

(ha ha get it? briefly? small brain? Awwww - forget it!)
Brain Farts
Excuse my French! (These are officially called 'cognitive errors ' if your Mom asks)
These are Common Thinking Mistakes (inaccurate thoughts) that can really affect your mood. Check them out - you'll be amazed by how many you do! (It blew my mind the first time I read about these!)

World View and Stuck Points
Concluding things are bad without enough evidence.

Tools and Worksheets you can use RIGHT NOW to get started on CBT....
Practical Stuff - I have my favorites - you will have yours...

And how to use them...
Homework! Yes, homework.
Without it, you'll keep pissing people off and feeling like crap.
You want to stop that, right?
What are you waiting for, then? Click right
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